Color Palettes

This is Gradient Tabs

Hello world! Gradient Tabs is almost 1 month old, and we're still growing rapidly. Since we opened our gates, a lot of designers and artists have been using us, so thank you guys! Gradient Tabs is a beautiful chrome extension that shows a gradient pulled from the top popular gradients of Gradient Hunt each time you open a new tab. You can then copy the CSS code of each gradient and also save it to your likes webpage.

A few months later, we've decided to add a clock with the current time so it doesn't look so empty.

If you like some of the gradients you can click Gradient Hunt's logo located on the top right of the page and add it to your 'liked gradients'.

Gradient Tabs has already been featured by many websites, magazine and blogs, including:
Product Hunt
Web Designer News
Designer News

Click here to add chrome extension.